Wicked Runs the Wolpertinger

I live in a foxhole, in a city of trees where the summers are hot and the winters are long. Currently I am hunting the entity that is my degree, it's been a long and somewhat complicated journey.

"We must be a beacon of hope, because if you tell people there’s nothing they can do, they will do worse than nothing." -Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood

It’s all good though. 

Some how I will slog through all of this and it’ll be okay. 

Because I can survive alone. 

On Thursday it is the 3rd anniversary of my friend’s death. And I can’t go be part of a group mourning thing with another one of my friends because I can’t cope with them. 

And I just would really like for my ex to be there for once but I don’t believe that will ever happen. Because it’s not like her to be there for me and because I’m gross/abuser y/broken/not anything to her and she’s busy. 

This is a busy month for her. It’s the beginning of a possible shit show for me. In October I have a 10 year anniversary of my uncle being dead. 

My grandpa is getting old and breaking down more, so it’s only a matter of time before he gets a month. 

And I am just really fucking tired of dealing with dead people alone and having to start again and being here and it’s fucking hard. 

It’s really fucking hard. 

And I have no one I feel comfortable leaning on and I’m just really fucking tired of this guys. 




Your tea-drinking experience is about to get a lot more mesmerizing with the upcoming Sorapot 2 by industrial designer Joey Roth. Part teapot, part sculpture, Sorapot 2 has a glass chamber that lets viewers watch the tea brew before their very eyes.

my response as i scrolled: no. what? wait, what? oh my god.

my response as i scrolled: what is this? is it jewelry? wait, no. wait. WAIT. is it a teapot? IT’S A TEAPOT IT’S A FUCKING TEAPOT OH FUCK YOU. hey also this kinda looks like a hella stylized version of the thing you use at the bank drive-through. HOW IS THIS A TEAPOT. fuck you.


"but you’re way too ______ to be nonbinary" first rule of nonbinary club is we don’t dictate what’s nonbinary. second rule of nonbinary club is WE DO NOT. DICTATE. WHAT. IS. NONBINARY.